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"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

HELLO, Thank you for finding my page.  My name is Kierstan and I am a licensed therapist and coach. I work with professionals dealing with anxiety and depression, as well as trauma and life transitions. I won't attempt to speak for Carl Jung, but I have seen this quote play out in the therapeutic process.  It seems that when we are not living our authentic self we have distress, frustration, anxiety, and feelings of stagnation.  


If you are seeking change in your life I can help you.  If you are ready to understand the effects of your childhood on your current belief system, shed behaviors that are no longer working for you or take a close look at your self-sabotaging behavior so you can co-create the relationship you deserve and live the life that you want, I can help you. I can be your therapist, your coach, hold space for your emotions, suggest words for what you are feeling, tools to help you build confidence and be right there with you as you navigate all the crunchiness that is involved in the journey home to yourself.  

*I offer teletherapy to clients in CA, OR, PA & FL and coaching internationally. 

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about me...

I have over fifteen years of experience providing psychotherapy & coaching to amazing individuals.  I lean towards humanistic and transpersonal orientations but have expertise and advanced training in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.  I am a certified clinical trauma provider. I also believe in the power of psychedelics and plant medicine to move people to places of healing beyond talk therapy. 


I agree with Carl Rogers when he says: "the curative force in psychotherapy—man’s tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities.” 



Services and Investments


individual therapy

50 minute online session.  This is for you if you if you are on the cusp of a transformation, ready to do the work, tolerate the growing pains and embrace your potential.  


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6 coaching sessions

6 sessions seem to be that sweet spot to achieve cognitive and behavioral change.  If you are dealing with thoughts or behaviors that are getting in the way of your goals & relationships commit now to lasting change.


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Integration Sessions

90 minute preparation and integration sessions are available to help prepare, set intentions, and integrate experiences during  non-ordinary states of consciousness.




How does a15-minute Ask Me Anything Call sound?

I understand, therapy is a huge financial and time commitment.  I also know that the relationship makes all the difference.  I want to make sure that you feel it is a good fit.  So lets hop on a call! 

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