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Individual Services

Imagine you're shopping for help to improve your life, and you've got two exciting options on the shelf: Therapy and Coaching! 

A little about the differences: 

  • Therapy: Think of therapy as your emotional detective. It's all about helping you solve the mysteries of your mind and heart. You'll dive into your feelings, thoughts, and past experiences to find clues and work through emotional challenges.

  • Coaching: Coaching is like your trusty GPS for life goals. It's here to help you set clear destinations and chart the best route to get there. Your coach will be your travel buddy, making sure you reach those personal or professional milestones.

Therapy can go on for quite awhile (if you want).  We have a lot of layers and can only begin to imagine the depths of our unconscious.  Just when I think I've nailed it, I find myself triggered again and back in the therapist's chair.  I have so much to discover about me.  Coaching is like a very focused netflix binge.  We will pick one to focus on, watch it from start to finish and end after the series finale.  

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