Chiapas, Mexico

June 9-13 2021

Join me on this journey, in the place where I live for soul connections, ceremony, and plant medicine.


Spaceholder's Retreat

Chiapas, Mexico

San Cristobal De Las Casas

June 9-13, 2021

4 nights, 5 days in natural paradise with super rad people.

This invitation is for Therapists, Life Coaches and other Sacred Space Holders to emerge from the dumpster fire of a year and grieve, heal and be reborn. Let's cultivate community, with people who truly know what it was like to be a someone expected to provide comfort, answers and sacred space when we ourselves were struggling.  We listened, validated and inspired hope as we experienced a global pandemic, significant social and political movements, and the election in personal and professional ways.  finally we are able to physically sit beside one another, fully seen and understood.


This event is for you if... .you identify as a sacred space holder.  If you are feeling more comfortable with the idea of traveling.  If you want to build and engage in a community of others who faced similar challenges this year.  If you are curious about plant medicine. 


This retreat is for you if you are ready for personal healing and to contribute to the collective healing of our profession.


This event will be part retreat, part luxury vacation and part plant medicine exploration.  Plant medicine is a sacred tool that can allow for the gift of psychotherapy and healing to reach new levels.  If you have ever been curious if plant medicine can be helpful to you or your clients, bring that curiosity with you.  Every thing on the schedule is an invitation, it is all optional.


“When we do plant medicine, and we see love, we realize it was never apart from us, that in fact it was a part of us." -Gerard Armond Powell


 Desgined to focus on mind, body and spirit



8: Cacao Ceremony

8:30: VInyasa Yoga

9:30: Breakfast

10: Intention Setting Circle

12: Lunch

1: Free Time (Cocao tasting, textile market, Relax)

3:30: Light snack

5: Temazcal Ceremony with Mayan Shaman

7:30: DinneR


8: Vinyasa Yoga & Sound Healing

9: Breakfast

10: Foraging workshop

1: Light Lunch

3: Ceremony with Shaman at Villa

7: Communal Dinner at Villa



8: Cacao Ceremony 

8:30: Yoga

9:3o Breakfast

10: Integration and Action Plan

12:30: Lunch

1:30: Free TIme

4: Yoga Nidra

6: Family Style Dinner @ Restaurant in Town



8: Cacao Ceremony

8:15: Yoga

9:30: Brunch

12: Goodbye, Tears, Packup 



1-3: Arrive & Settle IN 

3: Meet & Greet, Happy Hour

4: Welcome Circle

6: Farm To Table Dinner

7: Chill fireside or retire early


I live in and work from Mexico.  It is a magical place.  Every day I thank my lucky stars that I have been in this healing place during the pandemic. I have been gifted by the universe a beautiful network of healers down here that will allow for you to feel supported, held, and loved in whatever way you need.  


Besides myself and my team, we have amazing relationships with indigenous people in the community that invites you to share in their traditions.  What is included:


• Luxury Accommodations

   (Own bed, option of shared or private room)

• Daily Embodiment Practices

• 5 Plant Medicine Ceremonies

                    *Feel free to reach out to me for further details.

• Temazcal Ceremony

• 3 Nutritious and Delicious meals daily

• Private Chef available for Smoothies, Coffee & Tea

• Workshop on Plant Medicine 

• 1 Massage or Reiki session

• Wine and Beer at the house

Investment: $1000.00 (Payment Plans Available, just ask)

$1200.00 for private bedroom if available

*Airfare and transport from/to the airport are not included in the price.

Can I just say I am pretty stoked?! 

spencer-watson-ioy3bN5Irew-unsplash (2).

“All disease, disorder and addictions stem from the yearning to reunite with one’s soul.” -Gerard Armond Powell



Image by Alex Perri

Image by Alex Perri

Image by Karly Jones

Image by Karly Jones





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Image by nick beswick

Image by nick beswick



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Image by Jimmy Salazar

Image by Jimmy Salazar

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Because I live there.  But, I live there because it is magic.  San Cristobal De Las Casas is 2200 meters above sea levels.  It is surrounded by mountains.  It has colorful colonial homes that line pedestrian streets with outdoor cafes.  It has churches and steps and views and flower balconies.  It has a beautiful Maya indigenous population, the Tzotzil people, that have been in that area for hundreds of years.  They practice syncretism, a blending of cultures and religions and beliefs that I find refreshing, healing, and more aligned with my view of spirituality and integration.  Coffee and cocao are a main staple of this area and mushrooms grow wild in the Mayan ruins during rainy season.  


Our accommodations will be a beautiful airbnb in the town of San Cristobal.  It is considered a luxury accommodation for the area.  It has enough beds for everyone, private bedrooms for those who prefer, and access to beautiful nature all around.  It has room to find quiet space to reflect or places to congregate as a group if you are wanting to be more social.  We will have private chef, cleaning person and honestly access to whatever you need.  

That is a great question.  I have been a psychotherapist for 14 years.  I have had a private practice since 2014 and been exclusively teletherapy since 2018 while traveling the world with my husband and son.  I am licensed in 4 states.  About two years ago I wondered if I should renew my license.  I felt that I aligned more with coaching for a plethora of reasons I am sure we will get into chatting at the retreat.  Maybe you have felt the same way.  Two years ago I decided to expand my mind and personally experience alternative forms of medicine.  I tried hypnosis, past life regression, meditations, reiki, acupuncture and psychedelics.  I felt truly changed when I tried psilocybin.  Since then I have taking numerous certification courses online learning about psychedelics, preparation, integration, dosing and the way that they interact with our brains.  I became very interested in plant medicine, those that provide subtle changes overtime as well as those that provide more pronounced transformational experiences.  Last month I took a course in Guatemala at the Fungi Academy (partnered with Denver Mycology) to learn more advanced cultivation as well as using plant medicine in ceremony.  I've been blessed to share experiences with Indigenous people to learn how to respect and appreciate the plants as they do in their culture.  This information has changed my approach to therapy, to my own inner healing and to my perception of the world in general.  Funny enough, as I began my education in plant medicine I have learned that many of the pioneers in therapy who I look up to and align my theoretical orientation with also believe in the power of psycedelics such as Bessel Van der Kolk (he wrote the body keeps the score and is one of the leading experts on trauma) and Richard Schwartz (the founder of Internal family systems).

If you are still like, who is this person?? Read this.  It is my letter to my future clients.  I think it will give you a good idea of who i am as a therapist.


The best way to get to San Cristobal is to fly through Tuxtla airport.  This is a small regional airport so likely you will go connect through Mexico City.  I love Mexico City and am actually sitting at an outdoor cafe in Mexico City right now while writing this FAQ section.  But I know that it could feel intimidating, especially if you are traveling alone.  Just talk to me.  Consider me your Mexico concierge.  I am happy to help you plan your trip to and from the retreat.  From Tuxtla there are many shuttles to San Cristobal for 30-40 dollars or you can get a cab.  

Frequently ASked Questions