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      Where the jungle meets the sea.....

Community . ceremony.  integration

Tulum, Mexico

January 11-14, 2024
3 nights, 4 days 

Are you ready to step into the new year with purpose, clarity, and a renewed sense of self, surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded sisters? Join us for an unforgettable womxn-only retreat in the tropical paradise of Tulum, where you'll embark on a transformative journey to set your intentions and manifest your dreams.

  • We will begin most mornings with a cacao ceremony, allowing mother cacao to open our hearts and receive daily blessings. 

  • Daily embodiment exercises will be offered, such as yoga, breathwork, and ecstatic dance. 

  • a temazcal ceremony, a Mayan ritual where you will feel reborn, will begin the integration journey you will continue at home.

  • you can feel refreshed when swimming in the clearest healing water of a cenote.

  • On the last day,  we will enjoy a final brunch. For those sticking around we will build our own heat while riding our bicycles by the Mayan ruins and reward our hard work with a beach club day.   after all, it is tulum.


At our New Year's Intentional Retreat for Women, we invite you to leave behind the chaos of everyday life and immerse yourself in a world of sisterhood, ritual, and personal growth.

What to Expect:

1. Transformational Workshops: Our experienced facilitators will guide you through a series of workshops designed specifically for women, helping you clarify your intentions, set meaningful goals, and create an actionable plan for the year ahead.

2. Women's Circle: Join our women's circle for deep connections, discussions, and support. Share your journey and experiences with a community of women who understand and empower each other.

3. Yoga and Meditation: Start your day with energizing yoga sessions and end it with peaceful meditation practices, all set against the backdrop of Tulum's stunning beaches and lush landscapes.

4. Healing and Wellness: Treat yourself to spa treatments, healing ceremonies, and wellness activities that will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

5. Rituals and Ceremonies: Experience powerful rituals and ceremonies that honor the divine feminine within you and help you connect with your inner wisdom.

6. Cultural Experiences: Explore the rich culture and natural beauty of Tulum with guided excursions to ancient ruins, cenotes, and local markets.

7. New Year's Celebration: Welcome the new year in style with a special celebration featuring delicious food, live music, and a fire ceremony to release the past and welcome the future, all within the sacred circle of sisterhood.


“When we do plant medicine, and we see love, we realize it was never apart from us, that in fact it was a part of us." -Gerard Armond Powell

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